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We carry a full selection of dance music from the 40’s to today’s top hits and we always play to your crowd.

  • If there is special music you would like we will gladly provide it for you at no extra charge.
  • We can provide all of your formal announcements (ie.bridal introductions, first dance, etc.)
  • Our main focus is on keeping the dance floor full and playing any requests you may have.
  • Mixing the music together so songs will flow from one to the next without a pause.
  • The D.J. will not over-use the microphone.
  • The D.J. will NOT use gimmicks, costumes or games.

Keeping the dance floor full is the most important aspect of our job. As breaks in music often lead to breaks in dancing, it is important that songs flow from one to another. Mixing sustains the flow of the party.

Cocktail & Dinner Music
Our D.J.'s are set up and playing background music at a comfortable volume when your guests arrive. Our cocktail and dinner music generally features a wide array of artists including, but not limited to, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Count Basie, Miles Davis, Nora Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Buble and other varoius favorites.

Dance Music
Playing to the crowd and having the knowledge to know what to play is most important aspect in keeping a dance floor full all night. Our decades of experience and ability to mix live by beats per minute and read the crowd gives us this advantage. You are welcome to request anything you would like us to play ( or not play ) and we will mix that into the flow of music to keep everyone involved.

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